Competence by Experience

The Kronacher Porzellanfabrik Stockhardt & Schmidt Eckert GmbH, producer of insulators since 1912 for different applications acquired 1980 the production for BASOLIT® and SOLUS® to assur supply and quality.

The production of BASOLIT® Insulator Cement and SOLUS® Metal Cement has been assigned to a new founded daughter company in 1980 the Dr. Schick GmbH.

Since this time Dr. Schick GmbH supplies world wide the famous producers of insulators and high tension apparatus with BASOLIT® Insulator Cement.

The production has been reconstructed in 1998 and 2003 in new buildings and modernised acc. to the latest demands of quality assurance.

Original patentletter for BASOLIT ® from 1920